The Podcast

Originally billed as focused on “patient engagement and partnership,” Matters of Engagement has expanded its scope!  With the conclusion of Season 3, we’re moving on to consider: how people in Canada access and experience health care service delivery and distribution; how those experiences impact both individual and community health; and the multitude of environmental, systemic, and political factors that favour some and disadvantage many.  

Jennifer and Emily produce each episode with the aim of illuminating difficult or confounding issues, to provoke much-needed critical dialogue among all stakeholders. 

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The Team

The Matters of Engagement podcast is hosted by Jennifer Johannesen and Emily Nicholas Angl. Jennifer and Emily are also the writers, producers and editors.

Want to get in touch? Email us at mattersofengagement [at] gmail.com, or find us on twitter!

Jennifer Johannesen

Emily Nicholas Angl

Podcasting for Knowledge Translation

Recorded October 18 2022

“Learn how podcasting can support knowledge translation and outreach for your research project or community-based initiative. In this session, you’ll get the inside scoop on how we approach our topics, engage with our guests and produce our episodes. You’ll also gain useful tips and insights and learn what mistakes to avoid.

Podcasting can be a vital and vibrant part of knowledge translation, mobilization and dissemination. Attend this free online session to find out how!”


Financial support for the first 3 seasons was provided by the Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit, which is jointly funded by the Province of Ontario and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.