Engaging in Storytelling, Part 1: “The Patient Story Experience – Cost or Benefit?” by SPORcast

We have a special mini-series we’re releasing this week: Engaging in Storytelling:  A 3-part collaborative podcast series with SPOR Cast, Matters of Engagement and PEP Talks. We each cover a different angle on patient stories and storytelling – together they provide a rich picture of some of the challenges, concerns, and also opportunities when it comes to engaging in storytelling. We will be sharing all three episodes on our platforms. 

This is the first of 3, and it’s produced by our friends at SPORCast: The Patient Story Experience: Cost or Benefit?

In this episode, Bev hosts a conversation between an activated Patient Partner (Claire Snyman) and a Trauma Informed Practice expert (Marika Sandrelli) on patient storytelling, which is quite often the entry point of patient engagement in healthcare. We hope you enjoy it!  If you’re listening in order, The Matters of Engagement episode is up next (Wednesday), followed by PEPTalks (Thursday). 

[download transcript]