Engaging in Storytelling, Part 3: “Creating Spaces for Storytellers” – produced by PEP Talks

We have a special mini-series we’re releasing this week: Engaging in Storytelling:  A 3-part collaborative podcast series with SPOR Cast, Matters of Engagement and PEP Talks. We each cover a different angle on patient stories and storytelling – together they provide a rich picture of some of the challenges, concerns, and also opportunities when it comes to engaging in storytelling. We will be sharing all three episodes on our platforms. 

This is the last of 3, and it’s produced by PEP Talks! Creating Spaces for Storytellers

Guest: Amy Hill, Silence Speaks Director, Story Center US

“In this episode of PEP Talks, Amy Hill from the Story Center US talks a little bit about the history, methodology, impact and provides some examples of Digital Story Telling in the context of public health and health research.”

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