For Guests

For Guests

Before recording:

We’ll be recording the session on Zoom and for the most part (with a bit of post-production) the recording is good enough for our purposes.  But we’re always trying to optimize the quality of our guests’ voices so that listeners aren’t distracted by audio interference – so we request you try ONE of the following options for our call. If neither of these are possible, not a problem! We can accommodate almost any type of set-up.


Computer or camera microphones are fine for live video calls but the audio by itself can sound hollow or muffled. We will get a better recording with a separate microphone. You can plug in your smartphone earbuds (which you probably use for phone calls) OR use a dedicated headset for the computer if you have one (the kind with a microphone, like what telemarketers use).  Bluetooth earbuds sometimes still sound fuzzy so plug-in earbuds are requested, if you have them. You may have to switch a setting in Zoom, which we can help with once we’re on the call.


If #1 isn’t possible or convenient, we ask that you record yourself on a smartphone using the ‘voice memo’ feature.  Open the voice recording app (all iPhones and most android phones have one built in – search for ‘voice’) and just hit record. Then place it somewhere in front of you where it won’t be disturbed or knocked – perhaps on top of a short pile of books or papers to bring it up higher and to reduce extra noise – and just let it run. When we’re done, stop the recording, then use the built-in menu to send us the file by email. (The quality will be better than Zoom, but as a bonus we’ll still have the Zoom recording as a back-up.)

During recording:

  • Our aim is always to make it less like an interview and more like a conversation – we’re not looking for concise or right answers!  Instead, we’re hoping to explore and exchange ideas that we think our listeners will find interesting.
  • We do quite a lot of editing after the interview. This means that at any time in the conversation, you can backtrack, digress, go off on a tangent, circle back – any of the things that usually happen in conversation. If at any point you feel you misspoke or realize you don’t want something you said ‘on the record’, you’re welcome to simply note that out loud and we’ll be sure to exclude it. You will also have a chance afterwards to review what you said before we use your audio in an episode.

Editorial process:

  • After recording, we edit the audio file and make a transcript, and then send it back to you for review. You can strike any sections or provide clarification or comment which we will include in our narration. We occasionally find that once we’ve started to produce the episode, or have spoken to other guests (if any), we might like to come back to you for further discussion or follow-up comment – at that point we might ask for another recorded conversation, or you are welcome to respond by email and we can include your comments in our narration.
  • Please note that at any time, for any reason, you may withdraw from participating in the episode and we will respectfully discontinue production and will not utilize any of your interview. 
  • We do not send guests completed episodes before they are released, nor do we share other guests’ remarks or our own narration. However, we strive to represent our guests’ views and comments authentically, and in the spirit in which they were shared.