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We started this podcast project through a shared interest in developing a public platform to discuss research and experiences related to patient engagement and partnership – particularly ideas that have fallen under the radar, or have a critical perspective.

It’s been almost 4 years since we first came up with the idea. And now, dozens of interviews and over 40 episodes later… we’re still going strong! Our approach hasn’t changed, but we’ve definitely learned a few things. Not only about each topic but also about podcasting and its value to the research enterprise.

If you think your audience or stakeholders might benefit from our experience and expertise, get in touch! Email us at, or leave us a  voice message on our hotline at 647-812-2909

Potential topics: critical reflections on patient engagement and partnership • podcasting for knowledge mobilization •  specific engagement topics (e.g. compensation, diversity, outreach) • approaches to patient partnership in research • patient perspectives • including patient voices

We are each experienced keynote presenters, panel moderators and workshop facilitators. Together we have over 30 years’ experience preparing and delivering commentary, critique and advice to diverse audiences of all sizes. From classrooms to departmental meetings to international conferences. Attendees have included clinicians, researchers, executives and managers, students, allied health workers, patients, families and caregivers. 

We're also really friendly!

Keynotes and presentations

We’ll deliver a comprehensive, well-researched presentation, laced with good humour and occasional stories, fine-tuned to meet your learning objectives.

Panel moderation

Emily and Jennifer each have extensive experience moderating expert and patient panels in front of large audiences. We bring professionalism, subject matter expertise and our own lived experiences to a range of health and healthcare topics. Either of us would be a fine choice, but Emily is a better listener. 

Workshop facilitation

As experienced presenters, producers and interviewers we skillfully lead and facilitate discussions and activities with sensitivity, nuance and attention to detail.