Lived Experience, with Katherine Dib and Katie Birnie of SKIP

What exactly do we mean when we say ‘lived experience’? What does it convey that other terms don’t? What sort of extra ‘work’ is the term doing, and for whose benefit?  Lots to consider! We take listeners through two segments in this episode. First, we speak with an organization that is committed to patient engagement and partnership, and also hiring people with lived experience into certain roles.  Then, taking a wider view on engagement generally, we contemplate the ins and outs of the term ‘lived experience’ and consider its value to healthcare organizations.

Our guests are Katherine Dib and Katie Birnie of SKIP – Solutions for Kids in Pain. SKIP is a knowledge mobilization network which helps to translate and disseminate research and information about pediatric pain, to a variety of potential knowledge users including families, physicians, researchers, and policy-makers. Katherine is SKIP’s Patient Engagement Coordinator, a role reserved for someone with lived experience of pediatric pain, and Katie is SKIP’s Assistant Scientific Director. 

*Correction: In this episode we misidentify SKIP’s funder as CIHR. SKIP is funded by the Networks of Centres of Excellence

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