Patient-Oriented to Patient-Partnered: Aspirations, Implications, Challenges

In this first episode of Season 3, we go back to basics. What does “patient-oriented” (as in patient-oriented research) actually mean?  To answer this and other questions, we’re joined by Vasanthi Srinivasan, Executive Director of the Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit, and Maureen Smith, Chair of OSSU’s Patient Partner Working Group and member of OSSU’s Board of Directors. (OSSU is a generous financial supporter of this podcast.)

Vasanthi outlines the hopes and dreams of the patient-partnership movement, sharing the vision for a culture change and acknowledging that there’s still a way to go.  Maureen shares her perspective as a long-time patient partner, providing a frank account of the possibilities – and challenges – of partnering in research.  

Join us for these two illuminating conversations in which we discuss the aspirations, implications and challenges in moving towards a “patient-partnered” future.  

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