Health Policy Series: The Business and Politics of Engagement, with John Perenack of StrategyCorp

In previous episodes we’ve talked a lot about high-level rationales for engagement, like democratic principles and moral or ethical obligations. But we haven’t really got into some of the operational nuts and bolts, like the fact that there’s a whole fee-for-service industry out there – agencies hired by healthcare organizations to support engagement strategy and activities.

Join us for this behind-the-scenes look at what engagement-for-hire looks like. What is the work that’s involved? And how does a strategic consulting firm advise on or think about engagement?  Is any of this actually useful or meaningful, or does it only fulfill some kind of strategic or tactical purpose? 

We attempt to get to the bottom of these questions with John Perenack, of StrategyCorp.  John is a communications specialist who often supports clients in developing public and stakeholder engagement strategies and activities.  We’re excited to bring you this fascinating and illuminating conversation!


This series is supported by the Public Engagement in Health Policy project, which promotes research, critical reflection and dialogue about engagement issues that have a health and health policy focus. Learn more about this Future of Canada project at

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